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Likha is one of the best providers of the web application, website user
interface and a user experience design company that provides
B2B and B2C solutions in the domains of Education, IT, healthcare and several others.


Each of our website design projects kicks off with a critical discovery process, during which we uncover valuable insight about your business. Before we plan your site, we gather intelligence regarding your target audience, sales strategy, customer value and short and long term needs.

We built e-commerce web designs which are easy to update and are totally secured. They look fantastic and provide the necessary tools which are required to manage products, customers, pricing, invoicing and others. We also indulge in optimizing the website in order to make it rank in the search engines.

While we love beautiful web design, we understand that no site can thrive on aesthetics alone. A website should pay for itself by generating business and serving as a powerful marketing tool. In order to do this, sites must satisfy industry best practices for User Experience, Search Engine Optimization and Development.

We offer you assistance in providing a diverse identity to the online business. Our designers consider the fact that colours are the tools that help to bring out the best. Our designs have a personalized touch that enhances the experience. Come and experience the best with our designs. We give the best towards the creation of the virtual entity of your brand.

The two most important success factors for an online business are driving and converting qualified traffic. Each visitor is a potential customer and you have just seconds to capture their attention.

UI and UX:

The marketing struggles of the clients are permitted by designing the correct landing page. Likha makes everyone grab the attention of the users at first glance due to the visually appealing and collaborating landing pages which are not only instinctual but are also easy to navigate. The users will be just one step away from being loyal customers. We will make browsing more and more interactive.

We are absolutely focused on maintaining the needs and the behaviour towards driving action. Incredible value is created with the help of exceptional user experience which is integrated with technology. This fosters the growth of the business. In terms of actualization, we are the best providers of personalized solutions with the help of exclusive web experience which sanctions the brands to progress.

Web Application:

All the applications and websites designed by Likha utilize the approach of responsive web design. We have an experienced creative team of designers who are capable of writing codes and designing visuals. The developers are skilled enough to build interfaces and web strategists. There is absolutely no scope of duplicate content on numerous arenas. The entire content is accessible for both mobile and desktop users.