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We are the leading software providers in hotel and hospitality management. We also provide solutions for hostels, B&B, vacation rentals. Wherever you are and whatever your problem is, in this field here we are to provide an optimum solution.


Managing a hotel is not a small task, be it just lodging and boarding or a five-star hotel with a restaurant, bar, spa e.t.c with all facilities. Maintaining of records of check-ins and check-outs, food bills, id cards copies of each customer, checking the inventory of supplies, managing the laundry, e.t.c is definitely very hectic and there is a lot of scope for errors.

Attracting customers and retaining them is the key feature in hotel management. This keeps the hotel up and running. Nowadays most of the hotels, including five stars are partnering with online travelling companies for bookings and reservations. One mistake or error may lead to negative reviews, which affects the reputation of your hotel. So, here we are to help you and support you in your hotel administration and makes no mistakes, which helps you in concentrating on your customer care and increases your revenue. We don’t accommodate

Your requirements in a predesigned software, instead of designing a new software according to your requirements. You can just manage your entire hotel from your smartphone. It will also make your front desk operations much easier. We provide 24*7 live support and care for you to keep it up and running.

We have an experienced team, which exclusively works for hotel and hospitality management with years of field experience. No one can give our quality and standard at our price. We provide one-year free maintenance from the date of delivery of the end product for all the clients.

What People Say About us!

Likha offers a non-compromise solution to business undergoing rapid development & scale


Very happy with the firm which brings on a gud team and focus on delivaring an amazing customer experience


Everyday is a new learning experience , having a global client base, working on latest technology.

Vamsi Krishna Moram

The teamwork is very much emphasized upon here it surely brings the best results.

Vinod Kaniti