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Hospital management often tends to be a hectic and an important task for management. It is interconnected with various departments, stakeholders and constantly changing the environment which makes it increasingly complex. Let it be a multi speciality hospital, a super speciality hospital, clinic, diagnostic centre e.t.c. the management doesn’t become easy.

Each of these institutions be it a big one or a smaller one face different challenges in management. We here at Likha, makes this increasingly complex task very simple with our Hospital management software. We have 10 years of expertise in delivering good quality and timely maintenance in the hospital management system. We are designed to give you any solution virtually for your hospital.

We do not provide the same HMS for all the hospital institutions. If you are running the clinic and you have some challenges in your clinic management, We are here to help. We design the customised software solution for you and not a pre-designed software which is accommodated according to your requirements. We offer the best solutions for multi-disciplines like pharmacy, outpatient, labs e.t.c as a whole integration, or we also provide solutions for stand-alone processes. This HMS not only makes your task easy but amplifies your revenue, enhances patient care and improves the administration and control.

We also design software to integrate all the facilities from patient records to lab reports and help you in making your whole system digitised, so that any file or report can be retrieved easily in a fraction of seconds. It is also easy to store and no damage will be done for the digitised information, unlike traditional files.

We also offer solutions for:

  1. Material Management
  2. Billing for OPD and LPD
  3. Admission Management
  4. Help Desk
  5. Appointment Scheduling
  6. Radiology Report Management
  7. Nursing Management
  1. HR & Payroll Management
  2. OT Scheduling
  3. Blood Bank Management
  4. House Keeping Management
  5. Ambulance Service Management
  6. Medical Equipment Maintenance

We even provide you with barcode integration:

We have a dedicated team experienced in PHP, Java, .net, android and IOS, who are well experienced in the healthcare domain. They give you technical and back up support even after delivering the software, and will guide you throughout the journey. We provide a cloud-based, mobile app, mobile support also.

What People Say About us!

Likha offers a non-compromise solution to business undergoing rapid development & scale


Very happy with the firm which brings on a gud team and focus on delivaring an amazing customer experience


Everyday is a new learning experience , having a global client base, working on latest technology.

Vamsi Krishna Moram

The teamwork is very much emphasized upon here it surely brings the best results.

Vinod Kaniti