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Bulk Whatsapp Marketing in Vijayawada

Are you an entrepreneur? Looking for a way to promote your business for qualitative lead generation? Then bulk WhatsApp is your best option. Whatsapp have more than 1 billion users and 70% open rate, which makes it a potential tool for marketing your business.

Likha business Solutions is one of the top leading bulk WhatsApp service providers. We provide bulk WhatsApp for all BUSINESSES. We offer high quality and reliable WhatsApp marketing services through out India by our custom online portal.

Promote your business with our WhatsApp web panel. 




    Quantity                                    Price

         25000                                       10000 /-

          50000                                       17500 /-

          100000                                     30000 /-

           200000                                     50000 /-

             500000                                    100000 /-




@ User-friendly panel

@ Works 24*7

@ Free demo panel

@ 90% delivery rate

@ 100% safe

@ Can send 1 lakh messages within 1 to 4 hours

@ You can send a message to unlimited contacts at a time

@ Unlimited validity for your credits.
@ You can send text, images, videos, audio files through our panel.
@ With real-time connectivity, your message will be reaching to your @ contacts.
* G.S.T should be added to the all the above prices.

What People Say About us!

Likha offers a non-compromise solution to business undergoing rapid development & scale


Very happy with the firm which brings on a gud team and focus on delivaring an amazing customer experience


Everyday is a new learning experience , having a global client base, working on latest technology.

Vamsi Krishna Moram

The teamwork is very much emphasized upon here it surely brings the best results.

Vinod Kaniti